She's smoking hot.

We were surprised at the sight.

When did you fire her?

He was the first actor I had met in my life.

Wendell noticed Heinz's bandaged wrists.


Pong is the first videogame.


I have chubby fingers, so I can't use a small keyboard.


Urs wants to go job hunting.

Price is quite cynical, isn't he?

Mitch is just three years old.

The really does like Boston.

What do you think happens then?


He has promised never to be late again.

Pray without ceasing.

She dyed her hair blonde.


I went to Hokkaido to see the floating ice.


The augmentation of juvenile delinquency is a serious problem.


What is the cause of the fire?

The higher the pressure, the higher the temperature.

Out of all the people at your school, who do you like the most?

I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.

Why should I give Donovan money?

He built a large shopping center.

There used to be a store right here.

At least they should have a map.

What do people eat in Egypt?

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Is Vic a Canadian citizen?

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She kept all medicine away from children.


She does not cook well.


Heinz deserves everything he gets.

We named the dog Tim.

Kamiya comes here almost every day.


In situations like these, it's best to remain calm.

Since it's not the rainy season, there's no need for an umbrella.

I do not come as an enemy, but as a friend.

Our primary objective is to expand the South American market.

I've already given Brandy his birthday present.


We suspected him of lying.


But why is it all so secret?

The shot unleashed panic in the conference room.

Green plants carry out photosynthesis.

I just need more time with them.

You had better not keep company with him.

Are you generous?

Why aren't you in jail?

Pradeep always trusts people, even people he shouldn't.

It looks like an apple.

He played the guitar and she played the piano.

Can I help you, sir?

If Cleopatra's nose had been a little lower, the history of the world might have been different.

I wouldn't try that again.

I have seen in my time a hundred craftsmen, a hundred farmers, wiser and happier than university presidents.

As long as I live, I will never forget visiting Rome.

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Compared to Roman script, Japanese script seems more roundish and organic.


I am proud of never being late for school.

I have no idea where she lives.

I only have one more favor to ask.

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I like love stories.

Daryl attended high school for three years without missing a single day or ever being late.

We've heard this noise before.

This is what Liber does for a living.

The shards of thought were scattered on the ground.

You're a real team player.

Because there's the chance to help each other, as well as some healthy competition, I think going to the gym with friends is the best way.

At one time we were enemies, but we've buried the hatchet and we are now on friendly terms with each other.

He's the hottest guy I have ever seen.


Ron is the tallest boy in our group.

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Kristin has very good manners.

This movement has not yet achieved all its goals, but it has already had considerable impact in many areas of male-female relations.

If you do that, you will need to face the consequences.

Those who were present were very glad at the news.

I'm really going to enjoy myself.


I'm not surprised at all.

The government collapsed after a vote in parliament.

It is very difficult to draw the boundary between love and friendship.


The whole town was covered in snow.

Do you want to see more?

Toufic is really excited.

It was load off my mind.

I like her none the less for her faults.

I said there was nothing we could do.

Germans have the same amount of words for meetings than Eskimos for snow.

A third of the earth's surface is desert.

Never mind, she will be fine.

He's been acting odd lately.

That's not very romantic.

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He is eager to meet her again.


There is heavy traffic on this street.

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I don't want you in this room.

You couldn't give me the money I asked for.

The cave is full of fireflies.


I laid my new clothes on the bed.

I didn't expect anything like this to happen.

Magnus becomes angry when Walt mentions her weight.


I want you to let Sundaresan live.

You put too much sugar in your tea.

I thought we were just having drinks.

My father loved me no less passionately than my mother.

We've come here to help.

Tor kept smiling.

Is there something that I can help you with?

I feel in my bones that they will never get along well together.

Why would Mah have done that?

She got a serious neuropathy disease,and it was so urgent for her to transfer to another hospital.

He is quite a clever man.

I need to know where these quotes come from.

When will you come?

I accused him unfairly.

You will be punished if you break the law.

Many wives complain about high prices.

All planes have wings.

Olivier brought a gift for Loyd.

You seem very nervous this morning.

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I know all about marriage.

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When I turned the screw, water burst out.


I just need a little air.

Suddenly, it became noisy.

The natives have to defend their land against invaders.

Horses run.

This time, I can't help.


Dogs can't distinguish colors.


Amigo has nothing on his mind but his model train set.

I'll do a quick check.

They wanted a fight.


Kamiya is a martial arts expert.

We might not need to pay the full price.

Bob was invited by us.

He was the only person to survive the fire.

Each and every boy has gone to see the game.

Kaj did the dishes for Merton.

I suggest we hurry.

I need more time to finish my homework.

I can see your book.

There is a man in this room.

Rodent and Brian are my friends.

Some disorders can correct perfectly

I didn't know tofu was this tasty.

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Their flag is blue and gold.


Patricio likes to rest on the couch after a long day.

Brazil hosts the Summer Olympics in twenty sixteen.

I'll be there.


They closed the shop at five.

We need mental skills, not manual ones.

Matti died in an accident.

Have you decided?

Sadness never ends, hapiness do.


I like spicy Mexican food.


Do both Sunil and Holly live with you?

Only in trusting the future is it possible to trust in the present.

His work is repetitive.

Jerald is doing everything possible to save money.

It could take weeks, even months.

"Are you sure he's not up to something?" "Look, I appreciate your concern, I do, but we don't have enough reason to worry about this now."

Please copy this page.

Listening to my neighbor's music at three o'clock in the morning makes me wake up in a very bad mood.

Gill had something he wanted to show Lea.

Since he can read such tiny print, he is far from being near-sighted.

He does not seem to be able to catch on to what she is saying.

Dean is a used car salesman.

I'm here for them.

You can no more expect me to change my opinion than expect the sun to rise in the west.

Irfan won't mind.